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increase lifetime value with the predictive marketing platform that leverages your data and Acts on insights



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Predict your customer's behaviour

Adapt to their unique preferences

content automation
Personalized content automation

Customer lifetime value
Increase your customer lifetime value



a versatile technology

An omni channel business intelligence platform predicting and delivering the best content to each customer





website content

website content

Virtual catalogues

Virtual catalogues



how it works

The Predictive Marketing Engine continuously learns from each customer interaction. Its predictive algorithm predicts the customer's interests and delivers engaging, highly targeted content maximizing his lifetime value.

Collect cusomer data

Collects customer data

It gathers the behavioral data of your customer.

Analyze keywords

Analyzes keywords

This data is matched with a set of keywords for each product or content.

Beyond behavioural data

Beyond behavioural data

It uses predictive analytics machine learning techniques to predict the customer's next actions.

generates targeted content

Generates targeted content

The algorithm targets the most appropriate content for each customer all along his lifecycle.




Target individuals not segments

Gone are the days of the segment, each customer expects a personalized experience based on his unique preferences and purchase history. Reduce churn rates, take advantage of cross sell and up sell opportunities, and increase customer lifetime value by generating individual‑specific content.

A Powerful algorithm

The predictive Marketing Engine's patented technology is built upon scientifically proven predictive analytics and data mining techniques. Its machine learning technique ensures increasingly accurate predictions based on predictive models trained over your data.



Turnkey Solution

With the Predictive Marketing Engine, no need to hire a data scientist, we plug it into your CRM systems, in store POS or any other source of data and you are ready to get started !

Your data does the work

Our predictive marketing automation platform boosts your customer lifetime value effortlessly. Its data driven technology eliminates the guesswork so that you don't have to worry about missing opportunities with your customers and the best part, it evolves with your data.



stop the guesswork, go predictive

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